Friday, 29 February 2008

Bead Edgings

This is a sampler to show a variety of ways of edging with beads.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Labelled scan of bead sampler

Chapter 8 - Beads

This is my bead sampler which shows different types of beads and ways of attaching them. The pale purple rocailles are attached by machine stitching. The rest show their attachments in the close-up photos. I have also scanned the sampler and labelled the different types of beads.

Iwill post bead edgings shortly.

Chapter 7 - Dorset and wrapped buttons

These are a selection , some using beads, different threads and wools and ribbons. I will post more buttons in time!

Machine Tassels

These are two machine embroidered tassels. The purple one has a head stuffed witha wooden bead.

More tassels

The first picture shows a tassel made from recycled silk sari yarn and organza ribbon. The second shows a twisted yarn unwound under the neck. The third showstwo twisted and wrapped cords, knotted and made into tassels.

Chapter 6 Tassels

The first picture shows a selection of tassels.

The second and third pictures show 2 simple tassels in wool, the yellow is decorated with detached button-hole stitch and the purple with laced herringbone stitch. The dark purple tassel is made from knitting wool and organza ribbons.

The purple silky tassel is made from rayon thread and simply embroidered with cross stitches.

Twisted and wrapped cords

Complex cords

Next I made knotted cords - from the left picture at the top is a simple knotted cord made from machined cords. The next cord is triple knotted. Further down is a continuous twist chain. The bottom cord is a flat square knotted cord. On the right the picture shows two Turks Head knots, the yellow tail is wrapped by knitting ribbon. All the cords are made from a variety of threads, wools, ribbons, fabric strips including organza.

Chapter 5 Cords

On the left is a selection of cords and on the right are simple machined cords and at the bottom a plaited cord with three elements.

Amended samples

I have added machine embroidery to the last two samples as the previous didn't show up well. The yellow sample shows cable stitch.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Embroidery on fabric

I have posted examples of hand and machine embroidery ,all depicting spirals, on dyed fabrics.

Printing on dyed fabrics

I have had to use plain acrylic paint as I was unable to find fabric medium locally. The paint adhered poorly to the plain purple fabric so I added machine embroidery to make it more complex. On one sample the purple paint is so dense against the yellow that the fabric is obscured. I tried to embroider that but it was too difficult through the paint. On the other purple fabric the yellow paint looks green in the photo but is clearly yellow in real life.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Composite sheets of design ideas

I have grouped sketches, printed papers, 2D shapes, rubbings and photos into composite sheets. I have kept to the yellow/purple colourway.

Sketches of accessories

Ihave drawn sketches of images I have seen to show jewellery, buttons, a brroch, a bag and a ruff.