Thursday, 28 January 2010

Module 1 Chapter 3 Texture and Surface Relief study

Looking at images in my sketch book and others I have tried to reproduce textures using a variety of media.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


The last image is for interest as it reminds me of Janet Edmonds workshop at summer school last summer. My husband met this artist at a modelling shoot where her husband was the photographer.

The next series of pictures shows some ideas based on the maple tree in my garden in the autumn.

Next I tried to represent images and objects using a variety of media.

The next 3 images are based on a magazine photo which I liked for the shapes and the colours.

I love the next design of the seed heads (not strictly trees!) and found a photo of a teapot with a similar design.

At last I have managed to pick a theme and start! I have chosen trees locally to start with but I may have to expand in the future to include other plants. Whilst dithering I did manage to take some decent photos in the autumn and this winter. I am posting pictures of my sketchbook to start with. Probably too many pages but its taken me a while to get over my inertia and relearn how to use blogger! Hope you like them..