Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Design for accessory

I am making accessories for an embroidered box based on the work of Gaudi. I have, therefore, looked at the Gaudi drawings which I have done in order to find inspiration for embellishments made from techniques used in this module, rather than the wider spiral designs which I looked at earlier in the module. Here are some drawings of the box with accessories and their inspiration. I have added some paper mockups of some of the ideas, but when I decide on the direction I go I will look at these in more detail.

Friday, 14 March 2008


I have made some shaped toggles using craft vilene painted with inks. I will experiment with additions of fabric, threads etc. when I relook at these for my box.


This is a collection of simple button shapes either covered, wrapped or composite. I have used core shapes from corugated cardboard rolled up, cardboard shapes, polystyrene balls and smaller wooden beads.

The suffolk puffs are made from cotton, yellow silk and purple synthetic organza. The wide centres are a result of small stitches around the perimeter whereas large stitches cause a tight centre.