Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Chapter 9 Stitching into papers and edges

Using some of the samples which I have made I have added stitch. In as many cases as I could think of I have tried to link the shape of the stitching or grid to lettering in earlier design work.

Chapter 8 Further grids embedded in paper.

Next I embedded some more grids into this thicker paper pulp to see the results. I particularly liked the way the grids also make embossing marks in the new paper.

Having made the previous pulp very thin, I repeated the process adding 4 handfuls equivalent of soaked paper to the vat with dye made using 3 teaspoons of dye and same of soda. The result was very thick and looked like summer pudding but was much easier to work with. 3 handfuls would be optimal I think.

The first photos show embossing effects ( I also tried a fern leaf but couldn't apply enough downward pressure in my impatience!) I applied onto one sandwich of paper and then when the paper was partially dried I ripped out the thread and applied it to a grid of ovelapping papers. I ripped the threads out again when that paper was completely dry. The latter gave a ripped and curled effect whereas the former gave a harder more defined edge.