Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chapter 6 Initial trials with transfer paints

1.6.4 - I painted a paper randomly with left over paint, then tried it a variety of synthetic fabrics. The 100% polyester takes the paint best and allows the brushstrokes to be seen most clearly.

1.6.3 - continued samples of colour mixing. These are my favourites especially the far right column of blue/brown shades formed by mixing green and red!

1.6.2 - Fibrecrafts paints -the original colours are so bright they are nearly fluorescent but mixed they make lovely muted but clear colours. The fabric on the right shows a mirror image of the painted paper after ironing. On all I had to use a dry iron on linen setting to get the colour saturation.

1.6.1 - Initial trials using crayons, the Pentel ones didn't work at all.

I decided to have a go at transfer dyeing as this is new to me. I found heat resistant polyester fabric and ready mixed paints at Fibrecrafts. I borrowed two types of crayons in order to compare the effect and will borrow some powder transfer paints to look at the effect of sprinkling them on wet paper. I was unable to buy these locally so I haven't tried bath dyeing but I like the mottled effect of the mixed paints as in my photos, so I am happy to manage without. They were very expensive so I don't want to invest in any more! I have written notes on each page.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Chapter 5 Colour Study






I have looked at a photo of a maple tree in my garden in order to look at a group of colours. I made a number of studies and then chose my favourite. The tiny sections in the photo each contain a main colour with subsidiary colours. I found it difficult to reproduce these in a small area but easier when I coloured large sheets. The pink/red sheet came out too pink in the end and I shall have to address this when I colour fabric in the next chapter. I have written notes in the photos of my thoughts as I went along.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Module 1 Chapter 4 Shape and Pattern study

I looked at these in solid form and colour using papers, crayons, water soluble pencils and crayons and acrylic paint.
I looked at linear shapes in my sketchbook and of a variety I chose the 2 shapes on the right hand page at the bottom.