Monday, 1 December 2008


The hinges are cords trapped between the 2 layers of paper.

I have made a concertina book using cotton rag paper in 2 layers, collage techniques, machine embroidery and drawn threadwork. The ideas are based on my experiences of depression. The bag is made from vilene painted with inks and bonded with silk organza.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Chapter 9 Stitching into papers and edges

Using some of the samples which I have made I have added stitch. In as many cases as I could think of I have tried to link the shape of the stitching or grid to lettering in earlier design work.

Chapter 8 Further grids embedded in paper.

Next I embedded some more grids into this thicker paper pulp to see the results. I particularly liked the way the grids also make embossing marks in the new paper.

Having made the previous pulp very thin, I repeated the process adding 4 handfuls equivalent of soaked paper to the vat with dye made using 3 teaspoons of dye and same of soda. The result was very thick and looked like summer pudding but was much easier to work with. 3 handfuls would be optimal I think.

The first photos show embossing effects ( I also tried a fern leaf but couldn't apply enough downward pressure in my impatience!) I applied onto one sandwich of paper and then when the paper was partially dried I ripped out the thread and applied it to a grid of ovelapping papers. I ripped the threads out again when that paper was completely dry. The latter gave a ripped and curled effect whereas the former gave a harder more defined edge.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Chapter 8 Applying paper to a woven fabric grid

Lastly I dipped this coarse metal mesh through which I had woven stranded cotton. I probably needed more thread but it looks more interesting in real life than the photo!

I used plastic canvas mesh to make strips of paper to surround a piece of drawn threadwork.

I used a strip of the plant fibre as a base and then laid partial sheets of paper over the edges to create a framed mesh.

Next I lay a metal mesh on the cloth and a piece of soft metallic mesh cloth. I spooned on pulp and laid a sheet of paper over the mesh. The soft cloth worked very well but the metal mesh cut through the paper as it dried. So I added a layer of plant fibre ( I think it is) to the back and that strengthened it. I will show a picture of this backing.

I dipped these plastic fruit bag meshes of different thicknesses straight into the pulp. When they dried I cut two off the frames. I used leftover pulp so it was still rather thin.

These are some of the grids which I prepared.