Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Chapter 8 Applying paper to a woven fabric grid

Lastly I dipped this coarse metal mesh through which I had woven stranded cotton. I probably needed more thread but it looks more interesting in real life than the photo!

I used plastic canvas mesh to make strips of paper to surround a piece of drawn threadwork.

I used a strip of the plant fibre as a base and then laid partial sheets of paper over the edges to create a framed mesh.

Next I lay a metal mesh on the cloth and a piece of soft metallic mesh cloth. I spooned on pulp and laid a sheet of paper over the mesh. The soft cloth worked very well but the metal mesh cut through the paper as it dried. So I added a layer of plant fibre ( I think it is) to the back and that strengthened it. I will show a picture of this backing.

I dipped these plastic fruit bag meshes of different thicknesses straight into the pulp. When they dried I cut two off the frames. I used leftover pulp so it was still rather thin.

These are some of the grids which I prepared.


aa said...

These designs are looking very different and amazing. You have done a great job.


JaneO said...

Hi Paula - shouldn't that comment have been wading through pulp? I am enjoying following this as I have never done papermaking.