Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wallhanging finished!

After talking to Sian at summer school and the theme of 3D work, I took her advice and turned my flat embellished fabric into an undulating distorted shape. This is supposed to echo the idea of a melting glacier hence the gathering lessens as you move to the right. The red fish was cut up to create a red line, then repeated in more soluble lace, then a couched thread, then running stitches in a finer thread. The original bird is large and is oversewn machine embroidery, repeated in a smaller size in running stitch. The third bird is made from soluble lace and sits on the surface of the piece. The close up photos show the detail of hand and machine embroidery and soluble lace which I used to manipulate the fabric and decorate it. I have shown it on a white sheet as neutral background but it hangs using small metal rings at the back threaded with a strong thread. I actually think it would be best mounted on a canvas covered frame but this is supposed to be a "soft" piece. Hope you like it!