Monday, 23 March 2009

Designing from landscapes

Lastly I used a few pieces of decorated paper left over and made a spiral just because I like them!
I repeated numbers 5 and 6 in decorated papers which more closely resembled the various areas on the original photo.
Next I tried out a couple of more abstract ways of subdividing the paper.

I have chosen 3 of my photos and drawn possible ways of subdividing the spaces. I have numbered a couple in each then used torn decorated paper to see how these would work.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Module 5 - revisions

The second used a fine polyester crepe de chine which forms much softer folds and I held these down with feather stitch in a fine cotton thread. Under this layer I used fly stitches in a very fine thread but it is difficult to see these in the photo.

Lastly I have redone one of my samples for chapter 8 showing fabric manipulation. One shows crumpled cotton organdie set with an iron; the creases are held in place using fine linen thread and fly stitches. I have then pleated the fabric to represent the denser areas of paper and held these down with layers of heringbone stitch using thicker thread.

In the third sample I have added couching of ribbon, stem stitch and chain stitch.

In the second I have tried to represent the hazy effect of the rubbing with torn gauzy paper and fine fly stitches. I have tried to represent movement using changing stitch direction.

On Sian's advice I have redone the chapter 9 stitching samples and increased the density and complexity. In the first I have added stem stitch, straight stitch and fly stitch in different thicknesses of thresd.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

More texture ideas

Ihave done more drawings of texture from my images and then tried to develop these ideas into raised, 3D textures using anything I could find and think of. Here are the results'