Sunday, 18 May 2008

Resolved Sample

My finished resolved sample.

I mounted this piece by lacing it over a piece of mountboard cut to size and covered with cotton batting as a padding.

Finally I made a machined cord using yellow gimp and two shades of turquoise metallic knitting yarn. These were oversewn by turquoise and bronze metallic threads. I couched this down by hand in a spiral and added a hand couched spiral of dark turquoise dyed boucle yarn .

The third layer consists of spirals of machine embroidery using three shades of turquoise (one metallic) and metallic bronze.

I started with a background of dyed linen in a yellow/gold/orange colourway. I stamped this with various spiral shapes using the fatter and thin ends of a bamboo skewer. I used turquoise and white fabric paint mixed to create three tones of turquoise and a bronze metallic fabric paint.

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