Monday, 23 February 2009

Chapter 9 Threads and Stitchery & gathering(ch6)

Lastly I have taken rubbings from paper relief surfaces. I tried chalk, wax crayons, watersoluble crayons and oil pastels on tissue paper. I found the water soluble ones the best. I am posting one example but the others will be best shown alongside the embroidery interpretation.

The next 2 samples were made using a machine to gather and several types of fabric were used, fed in at different angles. The coloured sample includes plastic fruit netting as one of its materials.

Ialso found my gathering samples. The first 2 were done by hand, marking the spaces in the traditional way for smocking.

Irepeated these stitches but in a looser fashion and often composite to create a more interesting range of effects.

Next I decided to use fly and featherstitches and looked at various ways to form them.

Next I am posting several stitch samples from my previous c&g course showing various stitches, in one all are used as a couching tool.

I have made a display of some of the threads in my collection. None of these are new so I cannot assign a price. The thicker threads are couched on.

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