Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Module 6 continued

Lastly I experimented with bonding colour onto fabrics using bondaweb. The samples are onto evenweave and the larger are onto muslin and scrim.
Next I tried painting different fabrics with silk paints and textile paints.

I tried space dyeing with procion dyes, colouring fabric and threads. Some of the fabric I dyed in bags using left over dyeing liquid in order not to waste it!
Design 6
Design 5
Design 3
Design 3
I repeated this process in design 2.

In chapter 2 I looked at designing with the shapes made in some of my photographs. I used a variety of papers decorated with inks, paint and crayons, pastels etc. I tore and cut the papers and remounted them, then cut again to create new patterns.
Sian asked me to increase the texture in the machined samples on the left so here are the results. I have left some squares lacy as they act as a contrast. It is hard to photograph well!

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Sojourner Design said...

Lovely samples.... what an inspiration to do more playing in my studio journal.

Thanks so much for sharing!