Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chapter 5 to 7

The second shows a grid of straight stitching overlaid with cable stitching in lines.

I have made 2 samples of soluble fabric to represent my drawings. I will continue to make some more and post later. The first shows spiralling circles of whipped straight stitch oversewn by silver stitching in a spiral.

I tried 3 water soluble fabrics and one heat vanishing fabric. These are my trials and results.

The third sample is three layers of fabric randomly embroidered with whipped straight stitch and zigzag in circles and lines. This is done in layers with cutting back after each layer. This sample just didn't work as well as the others.

The second sample again shows 3 layers of fabric. The gold/pink is embroidered with gold straight stitch and zigzag and then cut back. This is then covered with purple organza and embroidered with whipped straight stitch and cut back.

The first sample shows 3 layers of fabric - linen, cotton muslin and polyester organza. Each layer has been machine embroidered before adding the next, and the second cut back before adding the third, the third cut back at the end.

The seventh and last trial shows 3 samples. Two are on cotton scrim using straight stitch and normal tension. The pale green has gathered into interesting patterns but I don't think it shows well in the photo as the fabric is pale. The third is on a fine linen using a twin needle and is really effective at mimicking the scraffito effect.

The sixth trial shows 2 samples, one on heavy linen using rayon and metallic threads with normal straight stitch tension. The other is on cotton scrim and the stitches have pulled the fabric up into circular puffs. It looks hideous even with added metallic thread!

The fifth trial shows two samples, both using lines of whipped straight and zigzag stitches, covered in cable stitch lines. One sample is on nylon organza and is very dense and the other on cotton and is quite open.

The fourth trial shows two samples. One is cotton muslin with several layers of zigzag, normal tension, in two colours. The other is cotton scrim and I tried to make holes using curving lines in straight stitch and 2 colours. I found this really difficult to make the holes.

The third trial used straight and zigzag whip stitched metallic and plain threads, in two directions, on nylon tulle over dyed cotton.

The second trial shows linen scrim with cable straight stitch worked across the fabric - this caused the fabric to shrink. Over this I used whipped straight stitch in a horizontal pattern.
I have tried a number of samples using a variety of threads, stitches and dyed fabrics. In the first picture there are 3 samples. I used cotton fabric, silk organza on cotton wadding and polyester chiffon. The stitches are all whipped straight stitch in various colours, changing the top and the bobbin threads.

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