Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Chapter 9 Coloured papers and samples

No 6

No 5
No 4
No 3 - I don't like this!
No 2
No 1

I have reworked the small coloured designs into A3 designs in order to decide which to choose. I made them big as when I added the symbolism the designs looked so crowded in the smaller form. I am going to post these labelled so that Sian can comment. On the whole the blues represent the glaciers and the reds the old order descended from the Incas which is gradually being lost.

I made a number of coloured papers using the colours in my research work. The initial pinks and reds were too bright so I bought some warmer orange/red inks and they work better. I have kept notes in my book so that I can replicate them if necessary.

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