Friday, 24 June 2011

Transfuse and Transplant



I have been brave and created two hand embroidered pieces for an exhibition in my village. The theme of 'Renewal and Regeneration' was set. My pieces are entitled Transfuse (obviously linked to blood transfusion) and Transplant (based on bone marrow). They each measure approx 8x6cm and are mounted on silk covered canvas board. I would have had them box framed but didn't have time. They are made using 5 layers of dyed fabric and cut back using the reverse applique method. Some of the tiny areas were a real challenge! Anyway I was very pleased and surprised to be given a commendation for Transfuse. Hope you like them.


ferinn said...

Well done!This is a really fruitful theme for you.Nice to see you are still being creative.

Julie Filmer, The Peacock Emporium said...

Beautiful yet slightly macabre! Well done you. Just thinking of more themes - perhaps you could reproduce bodily organs from fabric. Maybe Lady GaGa would benefit from your art!!! Lovely to hear from you Paula. Has Maggie been in touch?

Garnered Stitches said...

Welcome back to blogland, it was a pleasant surprise to see your blog on top of the list just now.
I like creative pieces from the obcur - blood is usually a nightmare when dripped on a piece of work!!!! LOL. Keep at it Paula. There's a market in pictures for hospitals, surgeries and medical institutions - maybe Artist in Residence at the Blood Transfusion?

Fibrenell said...

These are beautiful Paula, so delicate. Love the colours.

katinspace said...

I can see why it was commended. Lovely work, beautiful colours. More please!!
Hope you are ok and things are going well. Keep posting!

Anne B said...

Gorgeous, Paula. Inspiration can be found anywhere! Hope you're well.

Maggie said...

You are such a star, beautiful work Paula, no surprise on the commendation and the close up shows the details so well...what's next!! I'll be in touch with latest news soon! love Maggie xx