Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mind Map and Mind Games

I have finished two embroideries for a local exhibition in my current favourite style and themes. Mind games is the blue one and is based on a brain scan and the pink one is based on the shape of neurones and an idea. Keeps me busy anyway!


Julie Filmer, The Peacock Emporium said...

Paula, I love these. Well done.

Anne B said...

Just gorgeous.

Joanna said...

Paula, I just discovered your blog and find your work fascinating! I'm curious about the references to "Diploma," "Modules," and the "Chapter" numbers and wonder if you're referring to a C&G course. If so, which one? (I'm in the US and have dreamed about enrolling online, but since my interests in the fiber arts world are so varied, I wouldn't know which course to take. Any info would be appreciated!
Thanks, Joanna