Friday, 24 February 2012

Moods I and II

A couple more of my embroideries for a local exhibition. The photos of the framed finished pictures aren't very good so I am posting them as works in progress.

The first is machined in layers then ripped back and distressed in order to reveal layers of colour.

This second embroidery is hand sewn and cut back. I have used silks and cottons of varying weight, hand dyed in order to create the layers. The variations in colour are often due to the changing colours on the hand dyed cloth, often space-dyed.


Anne B said...

Abso-flippin-lutely gorgeous. You inspire me. Well done!

Julie Filmer, The Peacock Emporium said...

Hi Paula, Lovely lovely work. Must catch up soon. Julie xxxx

Maggie said...

Hey Paula, you are showing your own unique creative style which is stunning....lovely to see...Maggie xx

Unknown said...

I'm happy to see what you are up to, your new pieces are gorgeous! I see you are still following your human body inspiration. Hope to see you again some day Daniela