Friday, 2 April 2010

Shape study

As I have done this before I made a number of samples which I liked without following the chapter that closely. These were the more successful. The only disappointment really is that on the blog the yellow and green papers which have gold or bronze oil pastel or treasure wax on them appear rather mustard coloured and dull. The highlighting sheen is lost but never mind!


Max the Lobster said...

wow you are steaming ahead now! obviously the change of subject has motivated you.

Maggie said...

You're on a roll now Paula! amazing colour combinations...glad it's all working out now. x

sharon young said...

It was interesting to read what you said about doing this for a second time and not following the exercises so closely. I've just done this for the first time and found it really hard till i left the instructions and went maverick, then i enjoyed it.
I really like your use of colour and I think the set is very lively.