Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Chapter 10 Design exploration with image copies - Option C

1.10.12 This is a close up of the result. I like the clarity of the design and the little pools of intense colour.
1.10.11 I used hand dyed linen as a background and attached the 2 pieces of decorated paper with 505 then small stitches. Then I hand embroidered the piece to echo the paper design.
1.10.10 I photo copied it and then drew into the design using coloured pencils.

1.10.9 I like the simplicity here and the mottled background of the reverse of the paper. I decide to use this design to take forward.
 1.10.8 Too busy again and I couldn't work into it easily. I couldn't use bleach on this as the colouring is done with markel sticks and oil pastels. I do like the soft colours and edges though so I may draw on these papers in the future!
1.10.7 shows 2 designs woven into each other. I thought it would be difficult to work into this as I needed more background and I didn't like the contrast of plain paper. I do like the reverse side here as rusty patches have occurred despite using a green wash. The front side is too much like a child's drawing as I used crayons.
 1.10.6 shows the original orange washed copy as the background to the coloured reverse side. The orange is too strong despite being a dilute wash and drowns the coloured side. Also the design is too busy.
1.10.5 shows another variation. I like these blue designs as they are simple and lend themselves to working into them. However I don't want to use blue so I tried with the orange and green designs. 

1.10.4 shows a blue washed copy as a background to the reverse side coloured.
I cut these into sections as in 1.10.2 and rearranged them, sometimes combining more than one.

 1.10.3 markel sticks and watercolour pencils washes with water. I like the colours here.
 1.10.2 cut into sections. This is the front of an orange wash of the bone corpuscles.
I made black and white photocopies of a few of my collected images and then washed them with diluted ink in my colour scheme. I coloured these in on the front or the back using a mixture of crayons, pastels, markel sticks and water-soluble pencils. These are 3 examples of these. The first is coloured on the back of a blue wash.


jane said...

The final design is very striking, I love the colours - they seem like a real change for you. I find myself wondering whether,despite what you have said in the past, you are you getting into hand stitching.

Anne B said...

I'm seeing a hint of Kandinsky here. Absolutely stunning. Love what you're doing.

Maggie said...

The final design is amazing Paula and all your work shows how much you are relaxing into the change of direction!

Anne B said...

Really - Kandinsky. Just watched video of Anne Griffiths - works in a scientific environment and her sketch books had some lovely organic "pod" shapes and organic forms. Yes I am going to Urchfont and looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Fibrenell said...

These look great, Paula.
Last time I looked you were working on a different theme - shows how long ago that was. You're obviously happier with this one.
I'm managing to come to summer school again this year so look forward to catching up again.

sharon young said...

I really love your final design, it's so full of life, it jumps off the screen. I like the way you've incorporated the paper into it too.
From Jane's comment, are you a reluctant hand stitcher? if so, so was I.
I'm really looking forward to starting the stitch samples, have fix and wash some samples first.
Many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.