Thursday, 15 April 2010

Stitched samples

The sixth is my favourite as I like the colours and enjoyed the embroidery. It is based on the cut ends of the neurons on which I based the colour study. I machine embroidered the green circles and filled them with tiny spots of colour using satin stitch.

The fifth shows bone corpuscles using four layers of dyed fabrics, embroidered then variously cut back using reverse applique techniques. I tried to use the sewing machine but the sandwich was too thick. Some of the fabrics were very densely woven cottons so were very difficult and painful to hand embroider! With different fabrics I would have done more embroidery using toning colours.

The fourth image shows two representations of myelin around nerves in cross-section. The upper shows shadow work herringbone stitch on a single layer of silk chiffon. The lower shows trapunto quilting using coloured synthetic fibres from Oliver Twists on a double layer of chiffon..

The third shows a tangle of neurons in the brain using machined cords couched on to the backing fabric and whipped back stitch lines..

The second shows bundles of neurons as seen on an electron micrograph. I made hand wrapped cords for the bundle and torn chiffon for the backing layer.

In more detail the first shows variably padded silk embroidered with clusters of french knots depicting the holes in the brain caused by amphetamine usage.
Here are the stitched samples based on my designs. I have used a variety of hand-dyed fabrics in my colour scheme (Procion dyes on natural fabrics).


jane said...

These are great, so much more lively and interesting than the ones you did based on trees. My favourite is 5, as I expect you would have guessed!

Max the Lobster said...

I agree with Jane, they are very exciting and i love the colour combinations. i know how inspiring the natural world is but i think you made a good decision to change subject.

Maggie said...

Paula, my favourite is no.5 you look at it they seem to be moving!! Fabulous.

Anne B said...

Lovely use of colour. I've often looked at photos of things like viruses and bacteria and wondered why they are so beautiful when they were never meant to be seen! I love what you're doing.

sharon young said...

What a great change of direction, Paula, my favourite sample is 2, it's so vibrant and i love your use of stitching on it.

ferinn said...

Fantstic ,you've really taken off with this theme.