Monday, 3 May 2010

Chapter 11 Bold design

My next task is to choose one, as I am thinking I will convert one into a fabric from which to make a 3D container. My blogger has been really difficult to use this time so I can't see the wood for the trees. So I will make some samples, to see how viable a couple of designs are to reproduce, once my brain clears!
1.11.13 This is my favourite of this batch as I like the way the dark blue line takes your eye through the design.
1.11.12 This is the first of the ideas using a distorted fragment . I made a number but have only shown a couple in each case.
1.11.11 Lastly I had a go with pieces of a blue design.
1.11.10 I like this one because I would enjoy reproducing it as an embroidery.

1.11.9 Again I took a fragment and rearranged it into a pattern. Then I repeated this with another fragment.

1.11.8 This is the next design I looked at.
1.11.7 I think I like this best of this design.
1.11.6 Next I tried distorting the fragment then repeating to make a pattern.
1.11.4 I tried making multiple repeats but thought these looked like busy wallpaper!
1.11.3 Next I played with these in word in order to make new patterns.
1.11.2 I cut this into random fragments on the computer eg as above.
First I looked at a drawing from an earlier chapter because I liked the colours and the shapes which were linked to the idea of memory in brain anatomy. I have wondered about going down that road as the theme for the final 3D piece. Sian suggests a number of ways of creating bold marks to echo previous designs including using previous work. I wanted to try developing three of my drawings/designs to see what would happen when I looked at fragments of the bigger marks.


sharon young said...

You really are moving on fast!
I like pattern 7 very much, it's really bold, but I think pattern 12 is my favourite, it's very elegant and flows beautifully.

Jane Greiner said...

These are lovely, interesting designs. I have to agree with Sharon that I like pattern 7 alot, but overall prefer pattern 12. I wonder what other variations you could come up with if you continue to play! Which one are you going to choose to work with?