Monday, 31 May 2010

Chapter 12 continued - more 3D ideas

The next are sheets of some further ideas for Sian to consider.
I am going to try this out using my 2D coloured designs.
1.12.24 I repeated this using 2 of these shapes. I like this simple vessel shape, especially the negative space formed in the centre of the base.
1.12.22 My next trial was using a simple version of the curved shape.
1.12.21 I repeated this idea with 2 shapes separated by a deeper layer.
1.12.20  tried this shape stacked with layers separated by spacers. This distorted very badly as I made it.
1.12.19 I liked these interlinked but I am not sure how I could use this design.
Next I tried stacking a few of the hippocampus based shapes. I increased the size of the inner cavity again to be nearer to the original. I found it difficult to create any kind of a stack as the shapes were so thin!
Following Sian's comments I have tried some new ideas. Firstly I repeated the spiral wrap with uneven folding and some reverse folding in order to make it irregular and echo the folded myelin sheaths more closely. I like this but not sure it counts as a functional 3D object.

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sharon young said...

I've loved looking at your 3D experiments Paula, I think your shapes are beautiful, particularly 1.12.11 1.12.25, have you thought of making them into a hat, it was my first thought when i saw your images, before I read your notes.