Friday, 21 May 2010

Ideas for 3D functional item

I tried a different coiled shape , this reminded me of an image of coiled neurons from my sketchbook. This would not make a container but could be used to store items say in small pockets along the lines of a jewellery roll. The vertical sections would fit well with the repeating design patterne I created in chapter 11.
I also wondered about a coiling shape but without a lid so I tried this shape. Not so sure this goes with my theme but the fabric I could make for this could carry the hollow tear drop shape in the design.
At the prompting of Maggie I tried the tear drop as a vertical container that looks like a peeled banana when open! This was quite tricky to make out of paper but would be fine in fabric.
I made another sheet of ideas. 1.12.6
This is a practical shape and sturdy enough to use as a container. However it doesn't show the original shape properly as it is not a solid tear drop shape. I have tried cutting out the central section to reproduce the shape more accurately. As this would take away from the box idea I have tried filling the space with a layer of translucent tissue paper.

I tried one of the ideas in paper, firstly a tear drop shape. 
I have been looking at possible ideas using the theme of memory. I would like to make a container in which to keep special items. I have used the shape based on the hippocampus which is the area of the brain involved in the making of our memories. This is essentially a teardrop shape.


Anne B said...

It's a kidney dish, you medical person!!! Or - it's a bit paisley shaped. V interesting.

Maggie said...

Hi Anne's comment!!! How about a teardrop shape standing up with the opening at the top?!! sort of like peeling a banana!!....or maybe you should just ignore me!